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Draft Lane Cove Village Structure Plan
Tuesday, 28 October 2008 00:00


This Plan was initiated by Lane Cove Alive Leadership Group and was then developed by Council and urban planning and design experts City Plan Services in liaison with Lane Cove Alive representatives. It sets out a long term vision for how the village should evolve over future decades. Some of the key recommendations include:


Expanding pedestrian domain by:

  •  creating a Village Square between Rosenthal Avenue and Birdwood Lane 
  •  footpath widening of Longueville Road to allow more café/dining seating
  •  creating more pedestrian crossings on Longueville Road, and
  • activating the public space in front of the Library and the Community Centre on both sides of Longueville Road / South of Central Avenue


Reinforcing the fine grain mix of uses by:

  • providing incentives for shop top housing, and
  • encouraging mix of uses (retail, office, cultural and residential) on all large development sites, including the Gateway precinct, Rosenthal  Avenue and Little Lane car park sites


Providing active street edges and improve design quality of the built form, and


Improving access in a range of ways such as: 

  • encouraging efficient, healthy and cost effective transport nodes such as walking and cycling by improving pedestrian domain (see point 1)
  • encouraging public transport usage


The public exhibition period was extended until 24 October.  Part of the community consultation included an additional public meeting held on 13 October. Submissions are now with Council for review.


Village Structure Plan
The Lane Cove Village Structure Plan was adopted by Council on 15 December 2008 after a number of consultation sessions during the year. The plan offers broad ideas  for the Village Centre to be environmentally sustainable, commercially successful and socially and culturally active.

 The next stage is the Public Domain Master Plan - see below.


Village Public Domain Master Plan
This is to plan the details for the Village, from its layout for cultural activities and seating, to landscaping and paving, and many other matters. A working draft will be available for community consultation around March next year. It is being drafted by the consultants Spackman, Mossop Michaels. To be kept in touch by email, please sign up to E-Newsletters on Lane Cove Council website





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